Customer Service


The warranty on SOFCA products is limited to the free repair and replacement at our premises of the parts recognized as defective for lack of essential qualities or deficiency of processing. The components to be repaired or replaced under warranty will be sent by the customer and reinstalled by the customer.
The warranty duration is 12 months from the date of shipment and is related to the materials of our production; for commercial materials requested by the customer, commercial guarantees are applied.


As part of the maintenance program, Sofca has a team of technicians with a high level of skill and experience which can provide a timely and peculiar assistance. The intervention of technicians for the scheduled assessment of the status of the equipment ensures constant operation and maximum efficiency.

Technical Consulting

Following the experience and technical competence gained in the fields

  • Application Development
  • Data Base Management
  • Network Integration
  • Product engineering
  • Test benches development
  • Project engineering management

Sofca is able to offer a wide technical consultancy on preliminary projects related to the above fields.


Sofca offers comprehensive and structured learning courses for the proper use of the supplied equipment . There are different courses for users, programmers, and maintenance personnel.

After Sales

Sofca provides an effective and prompt after-sales service to support the entire life cycle of the installations.

For some equipment it is possible to perform an online support via tele-diagnostic or tele-assistance.