The SPM series tightening controllers have the following features:

The SPM series tightening controllers have the following features:

Example of a control unit with two drives control

  • flexibility, obtained with the ability to vary the speed through an appropriate control if the tool is equipped with the capability of interfacing with management systems of the production processes (PLC, PC, CN)
  • interfacing with supervisory systems for collecting data through serial ports RS23 - RS422 - RS485; interfacing with fieldbuses like PROFIBUS, ETHERNET, etc.
  • customized port for bar code reading or through 'card batch'
  • reporting good / reject / end of cycle by means of acoustic method (buzzer) and / or visual method using a three-light device Green / Red / Orange like a traffic light
  • setting production groups protected by electric key through Box GP SOFCA
  • configurations for equipment: manual angular - machine straight - machine with offset - manual gun


  • checks are carried out directly by the system in real-time during the entire process of tightening
  • they ensure an excellent quality of the results through the cycles of objectification because the tightening operations are not subjected to the discretion of each operator
  • they control objectified fastening cycles with sequences up to 99 screws, programmed directly by the process manager

Note: the tightening control units are dealt with, by type, in the descriptions relating to the system they belong to.